1 ½ to 2 hours in duration
Adults - $69.95; Kids under 12 - $44.95
Various Launch Sites and Routes
Available June - October

During the warm summer months the waters around Marco Island can come alive and glow! Fish, paddles, kayaks, even your hand moving through the water produces a splash of tiny fireworks that manifests as a bluegreen glow. Bioluminescence!

Why does the water glow? In varying concentrations, the water hosts single-celled organisms called dinoflagellates. While there are over 4500 species of dinoflagellates identified, some species, when disturbed, will emit light. This is called bioluminescence. With concentrations great enough, the water appears to glow. It is bright enough sometimes to cast shadows! Typically, warmer water hosts greater concentrations and, hence, a brighter glow. The experience is awesome. A true "Must Do" while on Marco Island.

Many critters will emit bioluminescence. Another commonly seen critter on these tours are the "comb jellies". Disturb the jelly and it will flash! Varying concentrations of comb jellies occur, as well. Many times we will see both the flash of the combs and the glow of the "dinos". As the water cools, the combs tend to dominate the viewing. Bioluminescence is best viewed during the darker phases of the moon. The darker the night and closer to the new moon, the better viewing conditions will be. As with any outdoor activity in the natural world, sometimes the viewing is great, sometimes not. Even though the conditions are "right", sometimes the bioluminescence can be weak simply because of the concentration of the organisms. You can always contact us and we can try to let you know. However, most times, "we don't know unless we go". So come on!

We offer evening moonlight and full moon trips throughout the month. However, we will not schedule bioluminescent tours when the moon is too bright to see bioluminescence.

There are only a few totally dark nights monthly, but, there are other "acceptable level" moonlight evenings. We will still offer moonlight tours on those bright moon nights. An overcast night may result in seeing good bio even during days the moon is bright. In season, bioluminescence is usually visible in the shadows.

Please know that you are responsible for choosing a night with a level of darkness that is acceptable to you.

Please refer to the moonlight calendar. Puerto Rico bioluminescence is world famous. Marco Island bioluminescence is not. Come have some fun and experience it with us!

Wind down, chill out and enjoy Paradise at its pristine best ... on a kayak tour. Our professional guides and naturalists will work hard so that you get the most out of your experience. Tandem kayaks are used on all the trips with singles available for odd numbers of guests.

Bring shoes that you do not mind getting wet, a light jacket, a small flashlight and a flexible attitude. Hydration is important here in the sub-tropics, so bring lots of water. Bring bug spray if is warm (just in case!) In the summer, we can have convective thunderstorms and shower that we sometimes have to "wait out". However, as the rain cools the land, the breezes quell and the waters calm making for excellent viewing.

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Come have some fun and let us share our passion!

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